Helmer is a leading company in the production of automotive and aftermarket automotive lamps.

Since over twenty years, our products have lighted the streets of European motorists, helping to improve safety and driving comfort, thanks to the quality of  raw materials used and the high level of  its standard production.

HELMER HALOGEN: Simply reliable

The Plasma Ice range is the result of the Helmer project aimed at improving night vision  in terms of safety and driving comfort. Plasma Ice EVOLUTION- HYPERWHITE - VISIO ROAD are high performance lamps, for intensity, color and specific features, perfectly suitable with the driving style of  the most demanding motorist.

HELMER uses quartz glass capsules for its halogen lamps, the most resistant and flexible, with reduced UV emission. The quartz glass allows the insertion of more quantity and gas pressure in the bulb, ensuring superior performance in terms of brightness and durability of the product. It also absorbs the temperature fluctuations drastically limiting the risk of explosion in the headlamp that would cause the damage. With its special coating, quartz glass protects the polycarbonate headlights from UV radiation that may obscure the parabola.




The "Heavy Duty Long Life" special line for truck vehicles.

The HELMER Powerful Duty  24 volts bulbs resists high vibrations "g", with a double life hours expectancy  compared to a standard 24 volt lamp.



In the night time driving, the curved entrance and the comfort of driving on dark roads are facilitated


True correspondence to the color of OEM lamps.

A full range of auxiliary lamps for: parking / driving (DRL) / reverse / fog / rear fog / direction